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Student Government

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  • What is ASGA?

    The American Student Government Association is the professional organization that serves and supports collegiate SGs nationwide.

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  • Why Should I Join?

    Your SG will improve! ASGA provides the resources, research, and support you need to grow your SG.

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  • How Do I Join?

    Your whole SG will benefit from ASGA membership. Join today!

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How ASGA Can Help

ASGA can help you save time, money, and energy every time you work on Student Government business.

  • SG Database

    Network with 5,100 SGs. Find SGs at similar schools. Search for their budgets, student fees, officers, advisors, election turnout & officer compensation.

  • SG Toolbox

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Improve voter turnout, get more publicity for your SG, recruit more members, get students to care about your SG, learn your current strengths/weaknesses, and more.

  • Research

    Get expert help. Need to know what other Student Government budgets are? Structure? Activity fees? Election turnout? Compensation for SG officers? ASGA can help you conduct research on issues so you can compare and contrast with similar institutions nationwide.

  • Consulting

    Get expert help. Bring ASGA experts to your campus. Let ASGA do research to save you time. Get private consulting and support. Members get help by phone and e-mail.


Come to one of ASGA's "Student Government Training Conferences" in exciting cities. They're the nation's most helpful SG events.


ASGA is here to help. Contact us with any questions using this form, and a team member will respond as promptly as possible.